Seminole 25th Anniversary - September 2010

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We look back on our recent Fest with praise and Thanksgiving in our hearts for the wonderful blessings we received. Our 25th Anniversary Fest took place on the 18th and 19th of September with three services on both days. It was a time of reflecting on God's goodness to the congregation in Seminole over the last 25 years. A common theme was how God's presence and guidance brought the congregation to the point where we are now.

The Lord made it possible for both former pastors of the Seminole congregation, Bro. M. Kehler and wife Annie and Bro. P. Ens and wife Margaret to attend the celebration, as well as guest speaker Bro. H. Semenjuk and wife Doreen. The messages encouraged and uplifted the guests in attendance, but also challenged us to examine ourselves and our relationship with God.

We are so thankful for those souls who found the Lord at the Fest, and continued to feel the impact of the messages even several weeks after the Fest was over. The men's quartet from Edmonton also graciously accepted our invitation to bless us with their singing. Each song contained a fitting message and seemed to remind us of God's presence in the services. We are so thankful for those who made the sacrifice to travel from far and near to be at the Fest and enriching our service with their presence. Most of all, we thank the Lord for delivering on the blessings that he promised. Please continue to pray for the congregation here in Texas as we strive to do the Lord's work.

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