November 2012 Seminole Expansion Project Update


Although no photos of the expansion project in Seminole have been posted for a while, the work does continue. Many know that 2011 was the driest year this area has ever experienced and the future seemed uncertain. But God brought us through a difficult year and we praise Him for that. The work was halted for a time, but in the summer of this year we redoubled our efforts and the brothers and sisters have been hard at work on the house of the Lord! Due to the nature of the soil here and the layout of the land, it was necessary to concentrate our efforts on the retaining walls surrounding the building to prevent soil erosion. A few pictures of that project are included – the remainder will be posted shortly. When the retaining walls are completed, the plan is to finish the interior of the sanctuary – we are all looking forward to this phase. Please continue to pray for our congregation.

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