Seminole Expansion Project

After several years of planning and praying and a year of fund-raising, our building project is finally underway. The church in Seminole was built by a young congregation with limited funds back in the 1980s. At the time, four classrooms for Sunday School were sufficient and the large foyer doubled as a fellowship hall. We have now outgrown those facilities and the pastor's office was cleared out to create one more classroom. The classrooms are still often overfull and fellowship dinners have become very uncomfortable in our cramped foyer. The sanctuary is, for the most part, adequate in size, although we were forced to add a few rows of chairs to accommodate everyone. The plan is to add a new sanctuary and several more classrooms and convert the current sanctuary into a fellowship/dining hall.

Fund raising for this project has been steady, although we are still far from our goal. The congregation decided to go ahead and make a start with the project, since material costs for construction are quite a bit cheaper right now. This would allow us to save a substantial amount of money, although it could stretch out our project over a number of years.

Please pray for this project and for the Lord's guidance as we continue making plans for the future.

Seminole Church Dedication Photos


The Seminole church dedication took place August 30-31, 2014. Here are some photos of the Fest.


Seminole Church Dedication

You are invited to attend special services for the church dedication in Seminole, Texas on August 30-31, 2014. Services will be as follows:
2:00pm and 6:00pm
10:30am, 2:00pm (official dedication service) and 6:00pm

Guest speaker will be Bro. Friesen from Aylmer, Ontario.

November 2012 Seminole Expansion Project Update


Although no photos of the expansion project in Seminole have been posted for a while, the work does continue. Many know that 2011 was the driest year this area has ever experienced and the future seemed uncertain. But God brought us through a difficult year and we praise Him for that. The work was halted for a time, but in the summer of this year we redoubled our efforts and the brothers and sisters have been hard at work on the house of the Lord! Due to the nature of the soil here and the layout of the land, it was necessary to concentrate our efforts on the retaining walls surrounding the building to prevent soil erosion. A few pictures of that project are included – the remainder will be posted shortly. When the retaining walls are completed, the plan is to finish the interior of the sanctuary – we are all looking forward to this phase. Please continue to pray for our congregation.


February 2013 Seminole Expansion Project Update


The work on the Seminole construction project is continuing. We have added some more pictures of the project.


June 2011 Seminole Expansion Project Update

The expansion project in Seminole is continuing to move along! Updated photos are below.


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