What the Bible Teaches

A Systematic Presentation of the Fundamental Principles of Biblical Truth

By F. G. Smith, D. D., condensed by Kenneth E. Jones

Copyright, 1945, by Warner Press, Inc.
Condensed edition copyright, 1955, by Warner Press,Inc.

Since its original publication this long-popular work has passed through twenty editions in various forms. The original type having been worn out while the author was yet living, he completely reworked the book and it was republished from new type in 1945.

In response to repeated demand for a smaller and less expensive edition for distribution and for use in Sunday schools, this new abridged edition has been prepared. The contents of this edition involve no change in fundamentals. The abridgment has been done with great care by a minister who served as the associate to the author during his last pastorate. The actual work was undertaken with the co-operation of the author’s widow, and this edition has her approval.

Much of the space reduction was accomplished through reducing the number of Bible references printed in full, and through the use of footnotes indicating where fuller discussions of some subjects may be found. For the convenience of those familiar with the complete work, the major division headings and chapter titles have been preserved throughout as in previous editions.

If the author were yet living he might well send out this edition with words similar to those he used in earlier editions, “Praying that God will in the future bless this work to the good of his cause as he has in past years, I present this twenty-first and abridged edition to the public.”

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