Through the Valley

Down In The Valley

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff comfort me!" (Psalm 23:4)

David was well familiar with these dark, narrow, valley paths. He knew what it was to despair in overwhelming circumstances, to fear what the future might hold, to worry about friends and loved ones, to suffer physical illness, and to be in deep anguish of soul. The Bible tells of people throughout human history who had to endure deep valleys. However, the child of God knows that the Good Shepherd is never closer at hand than in a crisis situation. Under the protection of His wings, he feels safe and secure (Psalm 46:5, 7; 91:4). Awareness of God’s presence brings him comfort and courage.

Our Good Shepherd does not abandon us. Even when Satan mounts an all-out attack, when trusted strongholds crumble, when the worst imaginable situation threatens to worsen yet more, it is then that we must know we have a faithful Shepherd. He sees our weakness and covers us with His hands. Maybe physical illness has made you over-sensitive; perhaps your spirit is shrouded by a sense of gloom or even depression and you see no light at all. Please know that your Good Shepherd does not abandon His sheep. Even if you’re so beaten down that you can hardly utter a prayer, He who created you and loves you knows the deep longing you have for Him. He knows that you know you cannot live without Him.

Because our omnipotent God remains ever near us, He can change an utterly hopeless predicament into a period of soothing calm. He who “prepares a table” for us in the presence of our affliction, settles and strengthens the soul (Zechariah 12:8). Remember that it is our impotence that makes way for God’s omnipotence. Remember also that “children are born in Zion” even amidst the greatest struggles and afflictions (Isaiah 66:8). God has promised to bless in abundance: “My cup runs over.”

It can never be the wit or strength of the sheep that brings it through the valley. It can only be by the power and might of the Good Shepherd. You must therefore look to Him and take hold of His promises. Your faith must be unshakable in Him who cannot lie. He will surely demonstrate His power in your life in due time. Wait upon Him; soon enough the dark valley will give way to a glorious mountaintop.

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