A Door has Opened in Kenya


I first heard from Bro. Jackson Rugendo in April, 2006. How surprised I was to receive an email from Kenya! How did these people know about the Church of God in Canada? Bro. Jackson shared with me later how he had taken his shoes to a cobbler for repair. There, a man told him about a periodical that he had received which he was convinced proclaimed the truth. The periodical was Foundation of Faith! At first Bro. Jackson was cautious. He asked a lot of questions about what I believed and what the Church of God stood for. Before long, we both rejoiced in being one in Christ! This was the beginning - a door opened by the Lord to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with precious souls in Kenya.

During the early years of our involvement with this mission, we provided spiritual resources and limited help for revival meetings and famine relief. Our opportunity for greater involvement came when, in January 2009, Bro. Harry Klinger and I visited Kenya. We travelled to remote villages to share the Gospel and strengthen the brothers and sisters in the faith. Due to a severe drought and failed harvests, many were suffering from a famine. Bro. Jackson did not have the resources to respond to invitations to preach the gospel. Few people owned a Bible. Despite their difficult circumstances however, God’s children here had an abundance of joy. Their hospitality, fervent love for the Lord, and zealous efforts to reach souls for Jesus were an inspiration to us. God protected and richly blessed us together.

Since our visit, the Lord has continued to provide for His church. God has wonderfully used rothers and Sisters in Canada to support His work in Kenya. The church in Kenya is now in a better position to support orphans - many of whom have lost their parents to malaria or HIV / AIDS - with food and clothing. Those who are over 5 years old are now attending school. The hope and prayer is that they will be a good help to the church in future. Being blessed with financial resources, Bibles, and study material, they now hold three to four-day Bible studies every month to establish and train ministry workers. The Lord has also provided them with a used van, enabling the church to respond to calls for evangelistic meetings and to visit and nurture the congregations. As a result of this, Bro. Jackson reports that “the people are getting more established in the truth and there is great change in the lives of a good number of saints who love the truth of the word of God.” Prior to the purchase of the van, Bro. Jackson would sometimes walk for hours to reach remote villages, sometimes sleeping under a bush at night only to then continue his journey the next day. In an email received August 2012, he shares how the Lord is opening the door of faith for dear souls - “We completed our fel- lowship meeting held from the 12th of August to the 16th of August 2012. The people attending the meeting were 714 in number. "..." souls were saved and "..." sanctified. We just praised the Lord and glorified His holy name.”

There are now eleven congregations in this mission. While some of the congregations are just starting out, there are a number of congregations that have grown to over 300 attendees. In some places the rented meeting rooms are overflowing and people stand outside in the hot equator sun to hear God’s Word. During 2012, the Lord gave grace for the completion of one house of worship, and a second one is currently under construction.

We thank God for the prayers and the financial partnership of congregations, private donors, and the Canadian Mission Board of the Church of God. Let’s earnestly pray for the Church of God in Kenya, the mission workers, and for dear souls in spiritual darkness who need Christ’s marvelous light! Please also pray for God’s guidance for a planned visit to Kenya in 2013.

Your co-worker and brother in Christ,
Gerry Krebs

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