About the new Foundation of Faith

The Evangeliums Posaune (EP) is a German publication of the Church of God. We are very grateful to God for its continued existence even after many years. Readers continue to share with us that they have been blessed and edified by it.

The EP is translated into a number of languages, including Russian, Spanish, and Dutch. For a while now, we have been burdened with the thought of making this publication accessible to the English-speaking world. This thought has now become a reality! Beginning with this edition, this publication is now available in English. The content will largely mirror what the German EP contains. You will notice some minor variations, i.e. the English version will not contain any obituaries.

During each interval while the German content is being prepared for print, people from various countries are volunteering their time and talents to translate the same content into the various languages. It is an extensive but worthwhile endeavour that brings the finished periodical into reader’s hands. We hereby convey our heartfelt thanks to all who co-labour with us in this important work!

"Evangeliums Posaune" is properly translated "Gospel Trumpet". Since this title is already registered elsewhere in North America and is therefore not available to us, this magazine bears the name "Foundation of Faith". To North American readers, this title will not be unfamiliar. Over the last number of years, the Christian Unity Press has published a smaller format quarterly by this name that ran independent of the EP. Although that resource is herewith discontinued in its former design and content, this new publication inherits its title "Foundation of Faith" while essentially representing the English version of the EP.


For further questions, including subscription enquiries, please contact Christian Unity Press in York, NE USA (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : (402) 362-5133).

Please continue to pray for the publishing house in York. You can also show your support with a financial gift, or simply by increasing the subscriber list of this magazine and thereby helping to share the gospel. Perhaps, as you read these lines, the Holy Spirit brings someone to your mind for whom you could order the EP/Foundation of Faith in one of its languages. If so, now would be the best time to do so! God bless you in your missionary labours!

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